The Citadel of Playwrights is honored to have their first season sponsored by Paper Kraine in New York City. Paper Kraine was created on the principle that we all know writers, directors, actors, and creators who make wonderful work. All they need is a space. The Paper Kraine is committed to creating a venue for early-career artists to show humor-focused work in the spirit of adventurous discovery. They encourage risk-taking, question-asking, and the development of a supportive community of artists seeing, encouraging, and challenging each other’s work with the ultimate goal of enriching the artistic community through cross-pollination and meeting new people. We would like to give a special thanks to Paper Kraine's Lizzy Lincoln, who has provided endless support and mentorship during the establishment of The Citadel. More can be found out about this incredible organization at 



The three most important pillars of the Citadel's mission include new work development, community engagement, and artist support. We are thrilled to share that with the help of an anonymous angel donor, The Citadel has officially launched their first residency! This residency is given to a chosen playwright for a period of two months. In those two months, The Citadel offers any kind of support the playwright might need. This includes (but is not limited to): editing, rent/financial support, staged readings, workshops, help with resumes, and even productions. Our current resident playwright for The Citadel is the incredible Megan Muratore. We are so thrilled to help her along on her personal and professional journey for the months of May and June 2021.