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Shadow Work

A new play by Kristen Ashley Ragusa

Shadow Work is a new one-act that evaluates how memories can be manipulated to hold us back. When does nostalgia become detrimental to our growth? How does society influence our generation, especially our women, and how do we unlearn our implicit self-beliefs? Designed to kickstart your own spiritual shadow work, Shadow Work dives into our unconscious fears and blocks by examining our protective coping mechanisms, like nostalgia.  In this play, we follow Trinity Lavata and her journey to unlearn her internalized misogyny in order to break through her own glass ceiling. We are very excited to make a Zoom play that plays at the intersection of new media in order to create its own unique experience.

Show Times are May 29th at 8pm EST and May 30th at 4pm EST.

May 29th Link:

May 30th Link:


Meet the Cast & Crew:


Elaine Stueve

Trinity Lavata

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Amanda Ross

Lyla David


Chris Milano


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Christa Retka


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Kristen Ashley Ragusa