Founders Note

 I created this company mid 2020 because I was inspired to innovate and investigate the changing theatrical world, especially in the support of new work development. Out of this, The Citadel of Playwrights was born.  From the conception of an idea until it's production, it is super important to us to provide opportunities for playwrights of every background.  Our core values are: support, accessibility, and collaboration. As we continue to navigate COVID safety, we hope to eventually operate The Citadel at the intersection of arts and activism in our communities. I am so humbled that this little idea is now becoming a 501(c)3 to start making this dream a reality and I hope that you will join us on our journey.

About The Citadel 

The Citadel of Playwrights has four levels of production to offer our playwrights and screenwriters. The Writer’s Zoom consists of a weekly session of 10-15 pages of work to read for the members and then receive notes. This is a required part of The Citadel. When a company member feels they would like more than a read of a couple of pages and notes, that’s when the production options come in.  


The Citadel has two forms of workshops: Workshop 1 and Workshop 2. Workshop 1 is when a playwright does not want a team behind them and simply would like a full length, focused time on their piece to hear everything out loud and get notes on the reading. Workshop 2 is adding a team to that process: a Director, SM, Dramaturg, whatever is needed, while still keeping it a staged read with an option for notes. Finally, there is the production stage where it would be a full up of this show with a team, rehearsals, and a public show.  These steps after Writer’s Zoom do not have to be done in order. The Citadel is for the playwright and however they would like to streamline their process, we facilitate it. 


The Citadel is on its way to becoming a 501(c)3 and we hope you take this exciting journey with us!